Frequently Asked Questions

You should find most of the answers to your questions here.

What is the retreat about?

The Sikh Retreat is a collective of many Sikh youth and people interested in Sikh spirituality from all over the world to come together and learn about the Sikh way of life. It’s really as simple as that.

What is the difference between a retreat and camp?

The main difference between a retreat and camp is the way it is run. The Retreat will not have a strict time table, although there are certain duties that we must all participate in. The Retreat will have less numbers than previous camps, therefore the specialist talkers and other guests will have more time to spend with people in smaller groups and hopefully this will allow everyone to ask questions and share thoughts in a more open and chilled environment.

What will I be doing at the Retreat?

At the retreat we do feel it is important that everything we do is in some way related to Sikhi. It is necessary that everyone takes part in morning and evening prayers. In addition there will be various activities during the day such as sports, discussion classes, meditation lessons, workshops and there will also be excursions. If there is anything that you would like to do at the retreat we are open to suggestions so feel free to let us know by emailing us at

What will I get out of it?

This will be the third Retreat so far, and the reason that we are doing this again is because of the positive feedback we had during the first two Retreats. We are sure that everyone who attends the Retreat will indeed walk away with a lot more knowledge and understanding of Sikhi and how this relates in our daily routine. We hope that you have loads of fun by all the activities planned and you will get the chance to meet some great people from all works of life.

Will I fit in

The Sikh Retreat is open to everyone, irrespective of your background, religion, class, caste, colour etc. Individuals come from various backgrounds, each bringing their own experiences and unique perspectives.

Although The Sikh Retreat is open to all, priority is given to new applicants and individuals who are at the beginner’s stage of their spiritual path in Sikhi. The numbers allocated will depend on the location that is booked that year; therefore we suggest you get your application in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

What are the Retreat facilities like?

The facilities include separate showers for males and females, rooms with carpets and proper beds (no tents with sleeping bags, not unless you REALLY want to). You will have access to a laundry area which will have a washing machine and drying room however please note that you may be charged for using this.

Is there an age limit?

If you are 18+, then you are most welcome. Note: If you are below this age, you will not be allowed entry onto the site.

How much will this experience cost?

The fee for this years Retreat will be confirmed and announced in due course. Please note that the price will include transport from designated pickup points, breakfast, lunch and dinner, accommodation for the duration of the retreat and all activity costs.

Please note: no refunds will be available 1 month before Retreat starts.

How can I apply?

Complete the online registration form on the apply page and submit your application. You will then be re-directed to PayPal to make a payment for your Application. Note: you can pay using a debit/credit card if you do not have a PayPal account. If successful, you will then be contacted by a member of the retreat team who will confirm your place and the next steps. If you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

We need to receive your forms and payment 1 month before Retreat starts. We would advise you to get your application in as soon as possible because places are limited. Your application MUST include a photograph, AND a copy of photo ID.

How do I get there?

This year the Retreat will be held in SUFFOLK. There are 3 options. You can drive to the site directly, book a coach or train to the nearest station (STOWMARKET, Greater Anglia Line). Alternatively we are working on a Car share system. If you have any questions please contact us on 07960 815 440.

What should I keep in mind?

If you respect basic Sikh practices, the law, Retreat property, and the rights of other participants, we’ll all get along and have a great time. In order to help us assure your safety and well-being, certain policies have been developed. We trust that once you understand these rules, you’ll agree that they are reasonable, and will follow them.


Rules of Sikh Retreat

What are the rules of the Sikh Retreat?

When organising such an event, there needs to be rules in place to ensure that everything and everyone works like clockwork. So, we have set up the following basic set of rules which every person must abide by:

  • Participants may not possess, use, distribute, or sell alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs, or fireworks while in attendance at the Retreat.
  • Participants are not allowed to bring or use cameras and camera phones. There will be a professional photographer on site. If you do not wish to have your photo taken, or used, then please advise us and this will be respected.
  • Participants found tampering with any fire equipment (i.e. fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc.) will be dismissed from Retreat immediately. If found to have tampered with any equipment, necessary costs of replacement/repair will be forwarded to whoever is concerned.
  • Participants may not interfere with any security system or tamper with any locks.
  • Under no circumstances are males allowed to visit female dormitory areas or vice-versa.
  • Because of the potential danger to others and property, vandalism and pranks will not be permitted.


  • No pets of any shape or form are allowed at the Retreat.
  • Guests and visitors (parents and other immediate family members) must inform the head sevadars and check in. It is recommended participants do not to bring mobile phones. Participants may NOT use mobiles during retreat activities. In emergencies, the Retreat co-ordinators can be used to contact parents/relatives.
  • Participants are not encouraged to bring vehicles to Retreat. If you must use a vehicle to transport yourself to and from Retreat, your vehicle must be parked in a designated lot, locked, and left unused for the duration of the Retreat. Attendees are not permitted to drive or ride in private cars or any type of motor vehicles except under the supervision or authorization of a counseling staff member.
  • Anyone who leaves their residence building after lights out without permission will be promptly asked to leave.
  • The Retreat reserves the right to dismiss any participant for improper dress, conduct, language, or attitude which, in the judgment of the coordinators, is deemed detrimental to the other participants or smooth operation of the retreat.